Shu Consulting provides services in the areas of marketing support and language. With expertise and experience in the market, language and culture, we can help you to develop and build a positive and long term business relationship. Shu Consulting supports you through the entire establishing process with marketing research and identifying of potential customers and suppliers, translation and interpreting work as well as organizing trade fairs and business trips.

China is nowadays the world's second largest economy. The economic development has been very strong in the recent decades, and many economists believe that China within 20 years will have the world’s largest economy. China is also one of the leading trading nations and the fastest growing country. More companies are turning their attention eastwards and want to establish themselves in the Chinese market.

Marketing research and business support

Shu Consulting works with companies in both Sweden and China who are interested in new markets or business opportunities. We have extensive experience working with marketing in China, and retrieving information and data to make strategic decisions for your company’s needs. Through our professional market analysis we can give you a detailed picture of the business opportunities.

Trade fairs and business trips

Whether your company will participate or just visit trade fairs, Shu Consulting provide you with experience and professionalism to organize an event in the top class. Let us organize your conference, symposium or business meeting! Please contact us for more information regarding specific trade fairs.

Translation & Interpretation

Shu Consulting provides primarily translation from Swedish, English and Chinese, but if necessary, also other language combinations. There are two versions in Chinese, the simplified, which is used mainly in mainland China, and the traditional, most commonly spoken and written in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

 Culture coaching

There are many cultural differences between Sweden and China. These differences can create obstacles in business settings. While Swedes deliberate and do business on purely commercial grounds, the most important thing for a Chinese person is the personal relationship between the business partners.