Chinese Business Culture

Today I have just finished a culture training by a company in Skövde.  The feeling I gained from my client was fantastic.  I really hope that this opportunity can give them useful information and insight about the Chinese business culture.

When we talk about doing business with China, most of us can relate this subject to the culture difference and how we should handle correctly in different business situations. In Sweden we are used to do business on purely commercial ground while Chinese focus mostly on the personal relationship which is called Guanxi. Without a well-established Guanxi with your Chinese counterpart, it is almost impossible to continue a business relationship.  When a company’s goal is to succeed their business with their Chinese partner, it is crucial to understand the Chinese culture, history, mentality, the business background in the Chinese market.

China should be regarded more like a large continent than a country. Its business culture and history can differently explicate business concepts and systems which seem apparently similar or even identical to Western ideas. But in many areas, China has its distinctive traditions that affect every section of an enterprise, from complicated legal issues to the way that things should be done according to the Chinese tradition. Therefore to understand the uniqueness of China can avoid mistakes of misunderstanding the culture differences.

China is a fascinating nation and an attractive place to do business. The country provides the opportunity of a dynamic market with huge potential that allows companies and entrepreneurs freedom in establishing business from scratch. With its rapid development into a global economic and political power the world has ever seen, there are plenty business opportunities in this huge market, but it can also indicate a big challenge for the Swedish companies to enter.

I believe it is essential for business success to adapt the Swedish business strategy to the Chinese reality while carefully maintaining your own integrity.

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