About SC

Shu Consulting is a Swedish consulting company within market, language and culture. The company was founded in 2014 by Shu Wang Jonsson, who was born and raised in Shanghai / China, and moved to Sweden in 1998. The name of the company comes from the founder's first name, Shu 曙. In Chinese, the name means sunrise, which gives hope and strength for the future. After working with marketing, project management, trade fairs and purchasing in both Sweden and China, Shu realized the benefits of sharing and utilizing her knowledge of marketing, language and culture and provide a complete consulting service due to the increased trading between Sweden and China. Her ambition is to build a trading bridge between Sweden and China!

China is now one of Sweden's most important business partners and the country's rapidly growing economy attracts more and more investors to establish themselves in China. International companies have established themselves and compete for the purchasing power that exists. For example, the furniture company IKEA has eleven stores in China and is aiming to make the country to become its largest market! Even Volvo Trucks has, with its biggest investment in China, is ensured to be the world's leading manufacturers of heavy trucks.

Doing business with another culture like China can be challenging, but, with proper handling can lead to great success. Shu Consulting helps companies who are willing to take these challenges. International companies like IKEA, Volvo and Ericsson have contributed to the positive outlook most Chinese people have about Swedish brands. Conversely, Chinese companies and brands are not well known to the Swedish population. Why is it so? Many companies have great ambition to do business in the Chinese market, but are skeptical about the quality of the goods and manufacturers' knowledge. There may also be fear that their products will be illegally copied. The truth is that although many Chinese people use illegal copies of the famous brands from the Western world, companies such as Apple, IBM and Microsoft have stayed in China and capitalized on the fast growing purchasing volume.

There are even great opportunities for small and medium sized companies who are interested in a business in the mythical country like China. With a population of 1.3 billion people there exists a tremendous purchasing power. If a Swedish company can get only 5% of China's population interested, it means the potential customers will be equivalent to 7.2 times of whole Sweden’s population. Is this not attractive enough?

”If you walk in the forest, there are many ways you can choose. I can’t decide for you which way you should go, but I can show you the most suitable way through our cooperation to avoid the barriers. This is my passion, my dream and my vision. If you are ready let’s start our journey together!”

Shu Wang Jonsson
Founder of Shu Consulting